The “EMP-Maths – Sounding Ways Into Mathematics” Partnership

Mathematical skills and the capacity to apply them in different contexts are a key competence of every educated individual. However, children’s learning outcomes, their interest, motivation and confidence in acquiring skills in mathematics, in learning continuously and relating their knowledge to the outside world remain not satisfactory, despite curricula reforms towards more competence-based education in many European countries. Thus, innovative and creative approaches are indispensable to make the learning of mathematics more active, inquiry-based and interesting, in particular for girls, low achievers and students at risk.

We, the partners of the COMENIUS project “Sounding ways into mathematics” want to make innovative solutions accessible for teachers, encourage and train them to apply.
Our 3-year project is funded by the European Commission within the Lifelong Learning Programme – Action COMENIUS Multilateral Projects. We will provide national teacher training institutions with a tested curriculum dealing with interdisciplinary teaching and learning mathematics with music and sound.

Our curriculum will bridge the existing gap between the rapidly advancing science and the traditional school practice. It introduces common teaching principles and a broad portfolio of tools improving children’s learning outcomes, with a high transferability across Europe. It reaches out to school leaders, initial teacher training institutions, the teaching community, European networks, policy makers, parents and students from primary to secondary level. The open resource portfolio is established in collaboration with teachers and school classes who are encouraged to engage in direct exchange.
The partnership ensures teachers' continuous professional development and on-going support in terms of know-how, master trainers and networking.


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